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Ah-So White 250ml

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About the Wine

Ah-So is produced at the Lopez de LaCalle Artazu property in Navarra Spain. The winery was established in 1996. Juan Carlos Lopez de LaCalle of famed Bodegas Artadi was searching for the perfect terroir and vineyards with pioneering vintner Randall Graham of Bonny Doon. They found old deprived Garnacha vines buried in the hillside town of Artazu.

Located about 30km from the city of Pamplona which is know for the festival of San Fermin, aka ’Running of the Bulls”. Valdizarbe is the most northerly region flanked by the Pyrenees Mountain range and the Atlantic ocean. The hillsides of Navarra are the perfect location to produce world class Garnacha. The micro-climate in the town of Artazu is cool at night and warm during the day. The combination of warm days and cool night provides the perfect environment for Garnacha to reach full maturation while maintaining freshness and acidity.

Juan Carlos was captivated by the old gnarled vines of Garnacha and landscape. The family decided to purchase the few remaining ancient vineyards blocks around the town of Artazu and plant new vineyards. From these vineyards the family founded Bodegas y Vinedos Artazu.